What is ABC™

What is Advanced BioStructural Correction and what can it do for me?

Advanced BioStructural Correction is a clinically proven holistic method to improve your health. ABC is series of corrections to your skeletal structure and soft tissues that restores your body’s basic balance and ability to function.

Advanced BioStructural Correction refreshes your body and can relieve the trauma, habit, pain, stiffness, and bodily changes that limit you. With ABC you will literally find yourself able to do those physical activities you have not been able to do in years or even decades. This is no pie-in-the-sky statement. Clients of ABCpractitioners daily discover that they can do things they thought were lost to them forever.

Unlike other forms of body work, Advanced BioStructural Correction results are consistent and predictable in correcting bodies, maintaining wellness and reversing the effects of aging on bodies.

“Everyone knows that” age eventually does this to your body.

In some people it is sooner and some later, but eventually, sometimes starting in grade school or before, everyone’s ability to have an upright body seems to begin to decay.

The remedies run from exercise, stretching and yoga — all done in an effort to “hold oneself in good posture”, to elaborate tractioning devices used in an effort to bend and force your spine into shape.

All those things, and even the special clothing devices like girdles and shoulder braces fail to give any reliable and permanent results.

Advanced BioStructural Correction reverses that structural decay and does so fast without any work by the client except to get their bodies to the Advanced BioStructural Correction practitioners. Do not expect to be cured of everything that ails you in one day, but you will get the results below.

Unlike what you have been told, posture (which is the way your body appears when you are relaxed — not how it appears when you are working like heck to hold yourself upright) cannot be controlled by muscles, exercise, tractioning your body or any other thing than getting the bone structure correctly aligned. AND, chiropractors, osteopaths, physical therapists and others have not done it and cannot do it with their current methods.

If your body does not immediately pop upright like bodies of the people you see in these pictures, you are not getting structural correction of your body.
No matter what anyone, including your practitioner tells you.

We advise you to be careful of accepting something about which “everyone knows that” because “everyone knows that” just means that people in general have accepted that “knows that” as true. They have given up trying to affect it, accepted it as true, have ceased observing what causes it and are trying to convince you to do the same. You are about to see an astonishing change in what “everyone knows” about body structure, body mechanics, posture and even athletic performance.

As a preview until we get the site done, these are all people letting their bodies relax and slump before their first time treated with the Advanced BioStructural Correction protocol.  That’s right.. The pictures with people in the same clothes are all no more than 10 minutes apart and the instructions for ALL the pictures are, “Breathe in, breathe out and let your body relax and slump.” Except for the last two women, the befores are to the right. And yes, that one guy is close to 90 and had been stuck forward for decades.

These people are all standing relaxed before and then after their FIRST treatment with the Advanced BioStructural Correction protocol for structural correction. Yes, they are relaxed in those after treatment pictures and they did pop upright all on their own, their health is immediately better, their stress is reduced and they are now mostly out of pain. Look at that last guy’s tie, it was neither loosened nor redone. He really is about two inches taller. All the pictures you see relating to Advanced BioStructural Correction are with the people RELAXED, no one is “standing straight” using their muscles, most are trying to slump but cannot. You will get similar results on your body.

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